We can install autonomous photovoltaic systems in residences that are far from the web of the Public Power Corporation (country houses etc.)

An autonomous Photovoltaic system is combined with a wind-generator and can cover the basic needs for electricity in a residence. The energy is saved in accumulators of deep discharge, 12 or 24 Volts to 220 Volts, in order to be used for all the electrical devices in the house (refrigerators, televisions, electric bulbs, computers, internet, alarms, cameras).

In this way we can produce up to 5000 Watt daily and thus cover all the consumption needs even up to one and half hour of vacuum cleaner use!

Dimensioning is done inversely to the common way for interconnected systems. In the first place we estimate the needs that we must cover and then we decide the size of the system to be installed.

  • Typical procedures:
  • South aspect of the residence
  • Use of cooker with liquid gas
  • Low energy loss-compliance of the residence with the new Building thermal regulations
  • Auxiliary, ancillary petrol or petroleum generator

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