Holive – new website – new corporate identity


Holive’s LTD main activity is trade in agricultural products. Our new website is online. See it here: Holive  

New photos from our projects


Projects made with Sovello solar panels


Photovoltaic Systems of doubtful origin are presented as European


The brand name giving by the cunning involves not only the agricultural products but also the photovoltaic systems.  Potential investors who have applied to participate in the installation of photovoltaic parks should pay particular attention in the following period as …

New Revolutionary Technology from Solergy

Solergy Inc has presented in Milan the future generation technology of high concentration Photovoltaic systems (HCPV – High Concentrated Photovoltaic Technology) and in particular they have presented Solergy CPV and Solergy Cogen CPV. The potentiality of the new system is …

Photovoltaics on your boat

Now, it is very easy for you to meet the energy requirements of your boat, simply by installing a small independent photovoltaic system with the proper accumulation.  Take advantage of the vast summer sunlight and provide your boat with its …

Installation Video


Put an end to the maintenance costs of your country house


Now you are able not only to put an end to the maintenance costs of your country house, but also save up money…And all that, by simply installing a photovoltaic system on the roof of your country house. With the …