Lamda energy, specializes in energy resources and has had vast experience since 1987. Our company has carried out a great deal of construction works as well as studies and projects all over Greece. Distinguished for our consistency and reliability, we examine with great care the qualitative features of each project and then we materialize it as if it were our own.

Our main objective is to recommend and materialize the truly best and advantageous proposal for your investment in photovoltaic.

With us, rest assured that you have made the best choice and we can guarantee that your system will function at its highest efficiency at the lowest possible costs.

With Lamda Energy you have everything you need

Let us visit your place and examine your needs. From then onwards, you may rest assured that we work and act in your best interests. When your installation is ready, we deliver it to you so that you enjoy a steady income, while at the same time you have the chance to contribute to our effort for a cleaner planet.

Contact us and get every question you may have clarified