We offer to you the opportunity to invest in energy. Seize the opportunity of a fixed price during a certain time period of installation which is regulated and which changes every six months according to the installed capacity as it is shown in the following table:

System A: Aegean islands and Crete
System B: Mainland and Ionian islands

February 2011

  • System A (>100kW): 372,83/MW
  • System A (<=100kW): 419,43/MW
  • System B (irrespective of capacity): 419,43/MW

August 2011

  • System A (>100kW): 351,01/MW
  • System A (<=100kW): 394,89/MW
  • System B (irrespective of capacity): 394,89/MW

February 2012

  • System A (>100kW): 333,81/MW
  • System A (<=100kW): 375,54/MW
  • System B (irrespective of capacity): 375,54/MW

August 2012

  • System A (>100kW): 314,27/MW
  • System A (<=100kW): 353,55/MW
  • System B (irrespective of capacity): 353,55/MW

Investment Profits/ Returns

Profits range from 15% to 17% according to the installed capacity, the latitude but also the altitude of the installation. This date is extracted from the Greek database in the years between 1990 and 2010.

The Photovoltaic power generation ranges from 1180 kWHv to 1400 kWH for every KWp installed.

We are able to offer to you investment opportunities.

  • Ready facilities
  • Roofs for rent to build in installations
  • Parcels for sale or rent to set up installations

The products used are manufactured:

  • A. In Germany
  • B. In China with German specifications and standards
  • C. Entirely in China.

Additionally, if you own a building, we are in the position to recommend you the best solution for your investment accordingly to the amount allocated while we will inform you about all the necessary procedures but also the time needed for your permit to be approved and authorized.


  • Company in Greece with the aim to produce and exploit electrical power
  • Rented or owned facilities for installation