Several investors are interested in installing photovoltaic systems in their land parcels. These particular systems are called photovoltaic parks and the Public Power Corporation buys all the electrical energy produced by them.

In those systems, there are no machines for energy storage (accumulators etc.)

The choice of the location where the system is going to be installed is particularly important for its efficiency. Additionally, the equipment which is going to be used in the photovoltaic park, such as the photovoltaic panels, the inverters, the cables, the junctions etc. plays a major role.

The prospective investor has a choice between fixed or mobile systems. The fixed ones are permanently turned to the south, while the mobile ones (solar trackers) detect the sun motion and rotate accordingly.

In Lamda Energy not only are we able to fully inform you and provide you with the necessary details, but also to estimate by means of specialized software your income, depending on your land parcel, its features and the location where it stands. In addition, we will inform you about every possible combination of the equipment but also about the income that each combination will   generate!

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