Admission to the programme “Photovoltaic on roofs” is available for all private households, as well as the small enterprises.

The admission requirements are not very complex or strict and as a result it is relatively easy for almost all the prospective investors to make use of the programme.

The requirements are summarized below:

  • The building where the installation will take place, must be privately-owned and legally built, while it must also have an existing PPC electric meter for consumption
  • Admission to the programme is allowed for all residences (detached houses, blocks of flats), as well as for the buildings of very small enterprises employing up to 10 people and having a turnover and total assets up to 2 million € a year.
  • For the domestic consumers, hot water needs must be provided by renewable energy sources (solar heating panels, geothermal heat pump etc). In case there is no such thing, there has to be a solar heater additionally installed.