• Step 1: Apply for a new electric service to the local power grid of the Public Power Corporation. The documents numbered one to seven in the application form (the application form is given by the Public Power Corporation) must be attached. A basic requirement is that the investor needs to have chosen the type of the equipment to be installed and the technical study needs to have been carried out. The Public Power Corporation examines the request and proceeds within twenty days (the starting date is the receipt of the application) to the written application of the service offer to those interested. This offer includes the description and the cost of the connection works and it is valid for three months starting from the issue date.
  • Step 2: Apply to the Urban Planning Office to issue an a small works permit in order to install the photovoltaic system, based on the ministerial decision of the Ministry of Environment Energy and Climate Change with the number 29107/07.2009 (ΦΕΚ 344/ΑΑΠ/20.07.2009)
  • Step 3: Apply to issue a service contract with the Public Power Corporation. In the application there should be mentioned that the service offer has been acceptable and also the small works permit provided by the Urban Planning Office must be attached.
  • Step 4: Sign the service contract and pay the relevant expense to the Public Power Corporation. The electricity company completes the connection works within twenty days (the starting day is the signing of the service contract) as long as new power grid works are not required (apart from the installation of a new counter).
  • Step 5: Apply for a clearance contract in the local Trading Service of the Public Power Corporation, or in another provider (in case the Public Power Corporation is not the electrical power provider for the particular counter, with which the clearance will be done)
  • Step 6: Sign the clearance contract. The contract is signed within fifteen (15) days from the day the application is received.
  • Step 7: Apply for the activation of the electric service in the Public Power Corporation. In addition, the documents numbered 9 to 11 of the application form must be attached. One basic requirement is the readiness of the facility and the completion of the connection works. The applicant is notified by telephone by the Electricity Company about the date of the facility control.
  • Step 8: Activation of the connection. It takes place directly on successful completion of the control.